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AREA SCOUTS provides every athlete with a complete athlete profile outlining their overall physical foundation, on-field statistics, and REAL-TIME evaluation grades and metrics.

AREA SCOUTS is led by a team of sports specific/ position specific subject matter experts with over 100+ years of professional sports experience. Our team provides new industy standard benchmarks to provide professional instruction to our athletes in REAL-TIME.





"Anthony completed his GAME evaluation and has already safely added a few MPHs to his fastball. Thank you to Bryan Murray and Lenny DiNardo"- Coach Tony Sacchetti, MA Hurricanes 16U Elite


B.A.S.E. Exam

B.A.S.E - Biomechanics, Athleticism, Sequence, Endurance.  The B.A.S.E. assessment will provide every athlete with a complete outline of their overall physical foundation. The B.A.S.E. assessment reviews the body from the ground up and provides essential feedback in order to maintain athlete health, and to continue developing athletic performance. This test looks at vital movements to indicate current injuries and predict future injury potential.  If any deficiencies are witnessed, a muscle group specific exercise program is developed for the athlete to reduce injury potential and increase performance.

Blueprint for Success

By taking all of the data gained from the movement exam, hitting/pitching metrics, and video analysis of swings and pitching delivery. Our Evaluators with assistance from our Pro Resources will provide you with corrective measures to improve your performance safely. Each Athlete will be provided with a Blueprint for Success.

Pro Scouting Report

A Pro Scouting Report using the 20-80 Grading Scale to benchmark athletes in various categories.  This results in increased focus in areas identified as below average. Also, Athletes will have metrics tracking completed as part of the process.  These metrics will be able to be updated in realtime for the Athlete with the Evaluators review.

Online Platform

Access to the Area Scouts platform which will store all of your evaluations, scouting reports, and game data. This data is accessible to College Recruiters and Pro Scouts. *Parents consent required for those athletes under 18. The Platform will also provide development materials from the Pros.  This material will offer skills and drills to increase performance.  Athletes will also have access to their Evaluators and the Regional Evaluators for development.

Professional Resources

Fred "Crime Dog" McGriff, Former MLB Slugger with 493 Home Runs, Senior Director of Hitting


Anthony Inzillo, XFL Tampa Bay Vipers PT, National Director of Sports Medicine and Performance


Gregorio Petit, 6 Seasons as an MLB Utility Player with a Career .978 Fielding %, National Director of Fielding


Lenny DiNardo, Former Boston Red Sox Pitcher and 2004 WS Champion, Associate National Director of Pitching


Mike Medici - Current Pro MLB Scout, Developed Pro Scouting Training for All Area Scouts Evaluators, National Director of Scouting


Josh Zeid - Former MLB Pitcher and Current Rehab Director,  National Director of Pitching


Ryan Lavarnway - Current MLB Catcher and National Director of Catching


Danny Cahill - "The Hit DR", Northeast Director of Hitting


Area Scouts RI Evaluator Brad Rao

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